Millennial India

The word India is derived from Sanskrit Sindhu that gave rise to the word India, the name by which the Greeks led by Alexander the Great, called the River when it entered the region about 300 years before Christ. Then the rest of the territory, was called India.

Where it is Pakistan today was the beginning of the Indus Valley Civilization, consolidating into 1000 BC. The scholars say that by 1500 BC came the Aryans, moving Dravid towards the southern regions (currently over 100 million people speak languages of derivation Dravid).

The Aryans developed the so-called Culture of Veda or Vedic culture, which had some impressions of the Indus Valley Civilization and settled in the region of what is now the Punjab. Years after the Aryans migrated south and settled in the fertile valley of the River Ganga or Ganges developing a highly organized social structure and a more advanced civilization. In the 5 century BC Buddhism was born in India.

Between 300 and 500 years after Christ was the development of Gupta Dinasty creating a vast and rich Empire. At that time, was wrote “The Laws or Code of Manu” indicating codes of conduct and misconduct. Also spoke of the rights and obligations of citizens.

Then came the Muslim invasion in the year 1000 of our era.

In early 1300 the Mongols began to dominate the north of India and the city of Delhi.

The Portuguese arrived in India in late 1400 and settled the area of Goa.

In the 19th century the British began to control most of the country defeating the Mongols.

On August 15, 1947 India became independent from the United Kingdom under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi.