Curriculum – Dr. Edgardo DeVincenzi


-Doctor in Education, Universidad Nacional de España,

mentioncum laude”

-Doctor in Philosophy , Universidad Nacional de España,

mentioncum laude

-Doctor in Social Psychology

-Prof. Doctor Senior Professor of Education

-Prof. Doctor of Mathematics and Cosmography

-B.A. in Educational Sciences

Labor Backgroud

-Rector of the UAI -Interamerican Open University- branded in Argentina, Venezuela y Uruguay.

-Consultant for the Ministry of Education.

-Head of consultants of Education Commission of the National Chamber of Diputies (1993-97).

-Head of consultants of Education Commission of the National Chamber of Senators. 1998-01).

-President of ADEEPRA – (Asociati?n of Private Educative Institution of Argentina) – N.O.G.

-President of FAEPLA (Federation of Private Educational Associations of Latin America and the -Caribbean) – Member of UNESCO, UNO and under Category ‘C’ , Permanent observer at OEA.

-President of COMEP (World Confederation of Private Education) – Member of UNESCO, UN -and N.G.O. under Category ‘C’. Permanent observer at OEA.

-General Consultant of VANEDUC – (Vanguardia Educativa) – World Association of Educational Creditation.

-Member of the consultant of the private Education Commission of the ?Ministry of Education.

-Member of the Scientific Academy of Chile.

-President of the S.A.P. (Argentine Association of Pedagogy).

-Director of the magazine “VIVENCIA EDUCATIVA” – Monthly international publication.

-Permanent Consultant on Educational Issues to the ICIA – (International Communications Industries Association).

-Permanent Member of the NAVA (National Audio Visual Association of the United States of America), since 1981.

-Member of the Argentine Society of Social Psychology and Politics.

-Member of ACDE (Christian Association of Businessmen).

-Member of the SIP (Interamerican Press Association).

-Member of A.D.E.P.A. (Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities).

-Member of A.A.E.R. (Argentine Association of Magazines’ Publishers).

-Member of C.A.I.E.P. (Center of Research and Professional Improvement of Teachers of ADEEPRA).

-Director of the CREIPAL (Regional Center of Pedagogical Experimentation.

-Creator, organizer, and consultant of several educational institutions.

-Organizer of several courses and seminars; he has directed publications and researchs on Educational Policy and School Administration.

-Author of the book: “LA EDUCACION COMO EMPRESA PERSONAL Y SOCIAL EN LATINOAMERICA” – De la Median?a a la Felicidad? (1989).

-Writer of different articles and publications regarding the areas of Educational Planning, Management, Organization and Administration.

-Member of the Honorary Commission of Pedagogical Consultancy of the Province of Buenos Aires, according to Act. N? 10.357.

-Supervising Member of the Coordinating Commission of Private Teaching of the National Pedagogic Congress, established by Act.N? 23.114.

-He was honoured in Venezuela with the Order “RAFAEL VEGA” for his distinguished and meritorious work in the Cultural and Scientific fields for the benefit of the human genre.

-Author of the book: ARGENTINA CORPORATION – State and Education:efficiency and excellence at the service of common welfare. (1992).

-Permanent member of the Argentine Society of Historians.

-Director of the Program “GROWING UP-A PROYECT OF LIVING” of Educational Vanguard -Foundation to prevent the drug addiction during infancy and adolescence.

- Member of the Private Management Advisory Board of the Secretary of Education of the Government of Buenos Aires City. (From October 1997 to date).

-Winner of the Order and the Insignia, “Diego de Losada” First Class, in Venezuela. (October 1997).